Trusted IoT Alliance

Promoting open collaboration

Social Impact

Open-source, security, transparency


Branding, design & development

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Tech giants and innovative blockchain companies have created an alliance for a fair, secure, and transparent internet of all things.

Promoting open collaboration

The Challenge

Building a brand identity and website for a tech startup with custom illustrations that would reflect the groundbreaking technology they are developing. It had to look futuristic but still speak to Fortune 500 companies.

Trusted IoT Alliance

The Solution

We were inspired by our brand discovery work, a heavy dose of futuristic-sounding music and the bleeding edge of blockchain technology. We developed a design language representing the networked, trusted and secure nature of the alliance's framework.

Powering the fourth revolution

We loved helping bring blockchain technology to life. Its vast social change potential in all major sectors is very exciting. Over time, blockchain tech will increasingly bring more fairness, transparency and decentralized models of governance to society.

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