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Client story: Dalal Behbehani from NAZ

Dalal Behbehani shares the lifelong goals and values that have led her to create up and coming luxury fashion rental service, NAZ.


2019 RGD Student Design Awards

Good Kind's creative director Pascal Tremblay was selected to judge the Social Good category in RGD's 2019 Design Awards held across Canada.


Client story: Adam Evers from believr

Adam shares his story and the struggles and lessons of growing up in a conservative faith community as a gay male and why he decided to create the first LGBTQ+ Christian dating app.


Behind the scenes of our film Solastalgia

Have a look behind the scenes on our first film on the duality of climate change and how the idea came to life.


Redefining value and growth

At many levels of society we are currently in the zone between what use to work and what we truly want and need. The times we live in can be difficult at times but also grounds for deep inquiry and transformation.