Wisdom Path Program

Welcome to soul-driven leadership & organizations

We challenge the assumption that what your organization produces is separate from its internal world. Harmony inside shows up as impact outside. When those two worlds are clear, aligned, and engaged, real impact is possible—along with inspired joy and magic.

Taking your life, your organization, and your teams to the next level isn’t always about new skills or increased productivity. We believe true success is found at the junction of personal, professional and spiritual growth.

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About Wisdom Path

A wisdom-based unlearning program

We're not here to give you more information. You already have enough. We're here to take away what’s holding you back. Wisdom Path gives you ancient tools for a modern world. When you’ve stopped feeling fulfilled by your growing list of accomplishments or when you’re ready to get real about creating the brand that’s been in you all along, you’re ready for Wisdom Path.

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What this isn't

You will want to
resist this

What you won’t be getting is a bunch of cotton candy self-help slogans. You’ll experience a provocative, blunt approach to wisdom-based leadership and learn how to express yourself, and your brand, with radical authenticity.

Nothing we're going to teach you is new. Nothing hasn't been said before. So, if you arrived looking for the next great thing: The next leadership trend. The next life hack. Then friend, this program is not for you.

But if you’re one of the brave ones willing to do the real work, you’re in the right place.

For teams, cohorts, and individuals

Wisdom Path is for...

• The next generation of leaders and brands

• Kind hearts, brave minds, and fierce spirits

• Radicals who eschew the status quo

• Founders who want to use business as a force for transformative good

• Goal-centred people who feel unsatisfied even after achieving success

• People navigating sweeping personal and business changes

• Leaders who believe business and teams can be led by heart and spirit

• Forward thinkers who are ready to create a new paradigm

• Creatives who want to make better art out of their work and life


What will you get out of it?

• Engage and activate your authentic whole self—rationally, spiritually, and emotionally

• Deepen your impact through multidimensional organizations, teams, and brands

• Create and foster creative, soulful, and fulfilling products

• Deliver meaningful impact with your work from a place of deep joy and alignment

• Become more engaged, creative, and present for yourself and others

• Reduce the friction and misalignment between your intentions and your actions

• Navigate change like a monk and become a beacon for the new path ahead

• Achieve greater doing/being balance with practical wisdom and actions

• Widen your potential and reach by building a spiritual foundation to your life and business

Program outline

What can you expect?

Our approach can feel edgy and counterintuitive because that’s where the real stuff lives. And on the other side is a giant sigh of relief.

• An experiential and customized journey with expert coaches on wisdom-based leadership. For teams, cohorts, and individuals.

• Each journey is customized for you and by you during our guided and emergent process.

• Four experiential modules conducted online over 4 months.

• Each module includes personalized sessions, practical exercises, fireside chats, and integration.

Program and Fees

What is included?

For intact teams and cohorts, the 4-month program includes:

• 4 online immersion sessions.

• 4 online integration sessions

• 4 online group check-ins

• 4 private coaching sessions

• Access to guided video and audio practices

• Access to an online community platform with others on the Wisdom Path

For individuals, get in touch and we will create a customized 1-on-1 journey just for you.

Financial reciprocity

• Our financial exchange for Wisdom Path is $4,000 per person for 4 months.

• Please contact us for team pricing.


Your guides for the journey

David Gomes

David Gomes

Wisdom Guide

David works as a guide to entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries at the intersection of wisdom traditions, mindfulness, and business.

His passion over the last two decades of working in this field has been to help people define what’s next for them, and guide them to have the courage to claim it, by putting it into action in the world. The greatest satisfaction he gets from his work is helping people like you take a stand for something that matters to them, that improves the quality and depth of their life and work.

Travis Streb

Travis Streb

Wisdom Guide

Travis is a coach and workshop leader based in Vancouver, BC. His practice is embodied leadership. His approach is focused on taking the abstract (presence, communication, leadership, decisiveness, relationships) and making them real through actions. He’s light on theory and heavy on action.

A lifelong student and a powerful, yet humble teacher, Travis believes this work has not only the power to transform leadership, but in doing so, help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.