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New/Mode provides targeted engagement tools that activate grassroots power to help progressive campaigns win. With an innovative set of digital tools as a service, they have helped organizations in Canada, US, UK, and Australia win big progressive change campaigns across a broad spectrum of social justice issues.

“Their design and UX solutions have helped put user empowerment at the centre of our service. And most importantly they are an absolute pleasure to work with and aligned with our progressive values.”

Steve Anderson

Co-Founder, New/Mode

Amplifying progressive campaigns

The Brief

New/Mode came to us early when their app was quite feature-focused but still roughly designed. It was already a powerful digital advocacy platform, but the look and feel, user experience, and onboarding efforts needed some love and care.

As an extension of their development team, we have been working collaboratively with New/Mode's team on regular design sprints, and UX audits to help them solve problems for their users. While doing so, we have been advocating for a user-centric approach to their design process and product development.


The Process

Our design sprints start by listening to the users who know and use the app every day: New/Mode and their clients. By understanding the problems and pain points of their users, we can better identify the opportunities for a better product experience. Once the pain points are determined, a set of UX recommendations is put forth for review to identify quick wins and a list of priorities.

On each design sprint we embark on, we follow a cycle of learning through insights and research, defining opportunities, ideating on solutions, and finally developing prototypes. Based on feedback and user input, we iterate on the initial solutions and restart the cycle once again after. Our view is that design is never done and that you should never stop learning about your users and your product.

The Results

Since starting our work with New/Mode, we have delivered a significant upgrade to their product design with a sleek UI and a much-improved user experience. One major factor that has made our partnership so fulfilling to us is that the product and the company itself is being grown and supported by multiple other progressive agencies and partners. New/Mode's success has indeed been a community effort, and we're humbled and excited to have played a role in making New/Mode one of the most innovative and effective progressive advocacy tools out there.

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