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Organize BC supports progressive movements in British Columbia with training, coaching, and community building. Since 2013, they have trained over 1,000 organizers to help win positive social change across Canada and the US. We were tasked with a complete refresh of their brand strategy and their digital presence.

"They were incredibly responsive to our needs while being proactive to make sure we got the most out of the rebrand. In the process of building a website, we gained a new committed ally in our mission to accelerate progressive movements. Can't recommend the Good Kind team highly enough."

Peter Gibbs

Co-Director, OrganizeBC

Accelerating progressive movements

The Process

We began with a deep brand discovery exercise with the aim of answering the core question of "what is Organize BC?". What are its values, mission, and goals? What story does it want to express? This exploration exercise unveiled a need and a desire for the organization to position itself beyond just training organizers. It was time to connect to a much broader progressive vision and step up to a new level.

The slogan "Accelerating Progressive Movements" surfaced during our discovery work and it became the thematic foundation for a more energizing and inspiring positioning. 


The Brand

So what is Organize BC? Excitement. Movement. Organizing. Collaboration. Community. Diversity. With those seeds in mind, we were inspired by nature's emergent systems in developing a new identity system.

Emergent systems occur when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The smaller parts work together to create more and more complex behaviours which can eventually lead to critical shifts in behaviour internally and externally. Over time, these systems become self-organizing and more resilient to disruption as more smaller parts joins its network.

Organize BC is effective in driving large and influential changes in society because it replicates the same approach. It accelerates large progressive movements by training individual leaders that then plugin into their organizations and society to share and distribute their skills and knowledge - amplifying their impact exponentially. Starting with the basic element of a triangle, different patterns are found to represent organized forward movement, diversity, and mimicking patterns found in nature

The Results

Through our brand strategy and design process, we crafted a fresh, fun, and energetic brand that expresses their essence in an authentic and engaging manner.

On the backend of things, we built a dynamic CMS-driven website that now makes it possible to update their site quickly without ever needing a developer - saving them lots of time and money over using NationBuilder. And they are able to do so while still maintaining their CRM databases and supporter tools.

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