Increasing trust in global commerce


Chronicled is a pioneer in the blockchain space. Their open source technology is second to none for enabling transparency, trust, and security to supply chains in multiple industries. From guarding against unsafe copied pharmaceuticals to preventing conflict minerals from infiltrating supply chains, Chronicled’s work demonstrates just how much blockchain technology can benefit society in the long term.

"Incredibly dedicated to high quality, hard work, and responsiveness."

Sam Radocchia

Co-Founder, Chronicled

Increasing trust in global commerce

The Brief

Initially, our examination of the website prior to updates revealed several key areas for improvement. The look and feel of the pages was not consistent and not on brand. The copy and content missed out on its potential by being too lofty and general. And the CMS was difficult to update, wasting time and resources for their team.

We wanted to highlight Chronicled’s unique value to each industry-specific ecosystem. Prioritizing simplicity, we redeveloped the website copy with a focus on the specific benefits Chronicled offered partners within various industry ecosystems.

Technology / Blockchain

The Results

Our work on this project boils down to the time tested truth- sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

We removed 90% of the public facing content, pressing delete on any extraneous text in favour of concise copy captured on a single page website. This easy to read layout allowed Chronicled to highlight what they do best through the effective use of prominently placed case studies. The end result is a streamlined user experience that gives site visitors a quick and easy way to clearly understand what Chronicled does and what this technology can offer to their specific industry ecosystem, all within seconds of landing on the website.

Technology / Blockchain
Secure and Trusted Supply Chains
Secure and Trusted Supply Chains
Secure and Trusted Supply Chains

Social Impact

Secure and Trusted Supply Chains


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