Amplifying purpose

We are a design and strategy agency that amplifies ideas, products, and people making the world a more compassionate, inclusive, and nurturing space.

What we do

We help purpose-driven brands tell their story with impact

Stories are what connects us and inspire us to make change happen. How we choose to tell those stories are a key stepping-stone in creating lasting, positive change in ourselves and in our world.

We work with purpose-driven people and organizations to help them understand, communicate, and fully embody their story and values. We specialize in working with early-stage organizations who are courageously helping improve the human experience, one day at a time.

Areas of interest
Our core values

Abundance mindset

We feel energized and inspired by people and brands making the world a better place. We're excited by the challenges ahead and are positive, grateful, and dedicated partners in helping bring good things to life.


We thrive when we tap into a diversity of people and their unique perspectives. Our inclusive and iterative process leads to smooth and successful projects that everyone feels a share of ownership on.

Radical kindness

We value authenticity, speaking up, and doing what's right in all our partnerships. We strive to ground all of our interactions in warmth, empathy, and humility.

Agency Team
Our team

Good people, good work

We are an ecosystem of diverse people that operate at the intersections of culture, strategy, technology, and design. We are a balanced mix of creators, thinkers, and organizers. We start with what truly drives projects to success: by carefully putting together teams of value-aligned people collaborating on projects they truly care about.

Because we love what we do and why we do it, we provide more than just services - we put our hearts and soul into everything we do.

Our leadership

Partners in life and work

Pascal and Elaine, Founders at The Good Kind

Pascal Tremblay

Co-Founder, Creative Lead

Pascal is a veteran in design, technology, and brand strategy. Since 1999, he has led creative projects for organizations ranging from Fortune 100 businesses to international rock bands and non-profit organizations. He strongly believes in the powers of shared human emotions and storytelling to plant seeds of positive change. When he’s not solving problems for our clients he enjoys travelling, being in nature, practicing yoga, reading, and spending time with his family.

Elaine Lim

Co-Founder, Digital & Project Lead

Elaine loves patterns and systems. She uses that inclination in creating experiences that streamlines business and design goals for our clients. Since 2005, she has been providing content design, digital strategy, and project management to multinational clients, non-profits, and government agencies. When she is not working, she loves spending time with family and friends, cooking up a storm, spending time in nature, and identifying wild herbs and mushrooms.

Matt Smith
Co-Founder at AlphaScore / Thinkific

"They did an amazing job refreshing our digital presence. Since launching we've seen a 150% increase in new customers. Their work and communication is top notch."

Our clients love to collaborate with us
Matt Smith