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We collaborate with courageous organizations that are challenging the status quo in positive and meaningful ways.

What we do

We help purpose-driven brands tell their story

Stories are what connect us and inspire us to make change happen. How we choose to tell those stories is a crucial stepping-stone in creating lasting, positive change in ourselves and our world.

We work with purpose-driven people to clarify, communicate, and help them fully express their story and embody their values, internally and externally. We specialize in working with early-stage organizations who are courageously helping improve the human experience, one small step at a time.

Areas of interest
Our core values
Two people sharing cake.
Abundance mindset

We feel energized and inspired by people and brands making the world a better place. We're excited by the challenges ahead and are positive, grateful, and dedicated partners in helping bring good things to life.

Two people collaborating happily.

We thrive and grow when we tap into people's diversity and their unique perspectives. Our inclusive and iterative process leads to smooth and successful projects that everyone feels ownership of.

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Radical kindness

We value authenticity, speaking up, and doing what's right in all our partnerships. We strive to ground our interactions in warmth, empathy, and humility.

Agency Team
Our team

Co-creating good things

We are an ecosystem of diverse people that operate at the intersections of culture, strategy, technology, and design. We are a balanced mix of creators, thinkers, and organizers. We start with what truly drives projects to success: by carefully putting together teams of value-aligned people collaborating on projects they genuinely care about.

Because we love what we do and why we do it, we provide more than just services - we put our heart and soul into everything we do.

Dalal Behbehani,
Founder and CEO, Naz

"Good Kind's facilitation, passion, and dedication provided the foundation I needed to truly establish my brand with impact. An agency with heart, that works from the heart and showed me how to connect with my customers from the heart."

Our clients love to collaborate with us
Dalal Behbehani
Our leadership

In service to a kinder world

Andrew Govender

Creative & Technical Director, Managing Partner

Andrew uses his innate understanding of design, technology, and branding to inspire profound connections. Andrew uses his industry experience to chart and steer the course of our agency. He believes in creating an environment that fosters growth, authenticity and generosity, echoing the agency's core values. Outside the workspace, he enjoys outdoor adventures, honing his culinary skills, and nurturing quality moments with his family.

Elaine Lim

Latisha Govender

Strategist, Transformational Guide

Latisha is a lifelong learner who values human connections. She creates a safe space for harmonious relationships to thrive towards shared purpose. Latisha's role with Good Kind is to help our clients cultivate a positive culture that nurtures creativity, joyful collaboration, and impactful service. In addition to her work, Latisha enjoys hiking, pottery, reading, bird-watching, and learning about herbs. She loves raising her three children in a nurturing environment that enables them to flourish.

Arjun Basu


For more than 20 years, Arjun has worked with multinationals, luxury brands, associations, and charities. As an award-winning writer, editor and strategist, Arjun has created new brands and branding for start-ups, and created full-scope rebranding for companies and associations with a long and rich legacy. His method is simple: ask questions, sometimes difficult ones, to get to the heart of a brand's story, and then leverage those learnings to create a coherent strategy that allows organizations to broadcast an emotional and meaningful story that drives impact and growth.

Elaine Lim

Samantha Rayner


Sam is a purpose-lead strategist on a mission to change the future of health, wellness + the planet. She has held marketing leadership roles with lululemon, Saje Natural Wellness and AG Care, and has an MBA from Sauder School of Business. Over her career, Sam has developed numerous cult-favourite brands that have seen record-breaking growth and have influenced the masses. Sam's business philosophy is to create experiences that spark deep connection, develop world-class products and brands, and empower teams to work cohesively and perform.