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Defending Indigenous rights

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The Sacred Trust is an initiative from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation mandated to stop the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline & tanker project.

Defending Indigenous rights

The Challenge

Launched as a blitz print & digital campaign, the goal was to help convince government officials in Ottawa to turn down Kinder Morgan's project approval at the 23rd hour. The message had to be loud and clear. And time was short: we had less than 2 weeks.

Sacred Trust Initiative

The Solution

The project's approval choice offered MPs in Ottawa two distinct paths: choosing fossil fuels or better health for its citizens, or a cleaner environment, or a stronger economy. Focusing on those stark contrasts, we designed bold & impactful campaign materials that put those questions up front & centre.

Getting the word out

Speed was of the essence as the MPs were making a decision on the pipeline project within a week. In that time, 8 different poster designs were spread around the country & over 25 web ads were created & distributed across major news websites.

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