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A federal election campaign in North Vancouver that connected with voters with a human, genuine & positive approach that delivered record engagement & voter turnout.

“Their role during my campaign quickly grew to be much broader than communications. They worked tirelessly through an arduous 3 month period. They are a rare combination of industrious, enterprising and positive.”

Claire Martin

Green Party of Canada

Lighting up a green spark

The Challenge

In an election heavy on voting strategies in a traditionally Conservative or Liberal riding, it was a heavy challenge. At the same time, the Greens were becoming a more mature party with strong candidates backed with an extensive progressive platform. With a charismatic personality as the candidate, we had to be noticed & stand out with a communications strategy that truly connected with the people.

Green Party of Canada

The Solution

Full-on energy, constant presence in the community & campaign media tailored to externalize our candidate's charisma & genuineness. Our goal was to engage voters in a human & personal way to spark a deeper emotional connection beyond what politics tend to offer.

On social media, we produced dozens of videos, images & campaigns, some of them shared across the country. After long weeks of following our campaign strategy across media platforms, canvassing and media outreach, we openly challenged voters to vote for what they believe in to cut through the strategic voting noise.

The Results

The campaign team delivered record numbers in the riding: A 200% increase in Green voters. A 400% increase in social media engagement. A new record number of volunteers joined the campaign and finally, never seen before fundraising results.

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