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Showcasing Yukon's beauty

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As Yukon's most well-reviewed tour operator with 5-star rating and 350+ reviews, ABY was looking for a website to match the beauty of their tours.

"They took care of everything and knew exactly what we wanted and how we wanted it to look."

Sebastian Altenberger

Owner, Aurora Borealis Yukon

Showcasing Yukon's beauty

The Challenge

To offer a customized content-management system that was flexible, scaleable and easy to use. As well, a beautiful UI showcasing their tours was a priority.

Aurora Borealis Yukon

The Solution

We were able to develop a dynamic platform with content management that significantly increased their ability to manage their online business and tour requests. The design stands back & let's their users marvel at their tour pictures which brings them one step closer to being in the Yukon.

The Results

We're always happy when we walk one of our clients through their website, how it works & how it looks & we hear more than once "That's great!". To that end, we call that a success! The website just launched so we hope to have more measurable data to show off later.

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