97 Douglass

Bringing energy efficiency to NYC

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UI Design, Development, Visual Branding

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Built from the ground up by eco-conscious architects with a keen eye for design, 97 Douglass is a rare find in Brooklyn. A blend of energy efficient home-living with exclusive materials & well-designed space has made this property one of the most sought in the city.

"I've been working with Pascal for over 10 years on dozens of projects and I've never been disappointed."

Behzad Amiri

Corcoran Group

Bringing energy efficiency to NYC

The Challenge

Conveying the uniqueness in style & features of 97 Douglass required a design that steps back & lets the craftsmanship speak for itself. Additionally, unit information had to be easy to access & read.

97 Douglass

The Solution

Paired with the beautiful photography showcasing the units, we designed a UI that prioritized ease of access to listing information while letting the photos shine by giving users a feeling of almost being there.

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