The Good Kind agency $5000 free services

Launch giveaway.

We celebrated the launch of our new site! To further support the good kind of work, we gave away $5000 in design, web engineering and strategy services to one lucky social impact organization.

After close to 50 submissions from amazing social change & technology organizations, we're happy to announce OrganizeBC has won our giveaway! They train leaders to make more social impact and that leveraged approach really resonated with us. We look forward to collaborating with them to help deliver more of that good stuff.

$5000 agency giveaway details

Giveaway details.

- Entries will be accepted until April 1st 2017.
- The winner will be announced via our newsletter and on our website.
- $5,000 in services will be provided free of charge to the winner for one digital, branding, print or campaign strategy project.
- Social impact organizations are ones making the world a better place through organizing, community building, technology, cause awareness, sustainability and others.