Forward by design.

We help forward-thinking ideas, products, and people connect with their audiences with strategic and creative solutions.

The Good Kind Agency for social impact
What we do

We help brands with purpose tell their story.

We think society today could use more compassion and fairness in the way it operates. The good kind of things.

We're here to amplify purpose-driven organizations bringing positive change - in all of the beautiful ways in which it can happen; from digital products building more trust into our networks to environmental protection campaigns safeguarding our future.

Areas of interest
Our core values

Abundance Mindset

We focus on the upsides, sharing knowledge, growing, and providing value. We know good things are coming and we are dedicated allies in helping bring them to life.


We place people and relationships first. We honour and genuinely care for those who put their trust in us. We apply mindfulness, empathy, and humility into all of our interactions.


We thrive when we tap into a diversity of people and their wisdom. We share our work often and we continuously discover, learn, and iterate as a team. Our process leads to consistently smooth and successful projects.

Agency Team
Our team

A holistic perspective for
 an interconnected world.

We place human creativity, diversity, and inquiry at the centre of our approach to collaboration and problem-solving. Complex strategy and design problems don't exist in silos, and nor should the process of solving them.

Good Kind is an integrated and distributed ecosystem of diverse people that operate at the intersections of culture, strategy, technology, and design. We break the constraints of job titles, location, and expensive offices to focus on what really drives projects to success: curious, creative, and experienced people collaborating on projects they truly care about.

And because all of us are connected by our core values and intention to help bring good to life, we go beyond just offering simple services - we put our hearts and soul into everything we do.

You're in caring and trusted hands
Ryan Orr

"Good Kind was absolutely phenomenal to work with. They are in the top 10% of agencies for strategic design, product marketing, and branding work."

Chairman and Co-Founder